It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood … only Not.

Today’s post? Let’s talk about neighborhood annoyances. For the majority of us, there is at least SOMETHING about the location of your home that is not ideal. For my family, we have a few. :/

100% of my consistant issue of my neighborhood is the noise issue. It’s sooo loud! Naptimes at home are few and far between, and when she does get to take them, she’s usually woken up within about twenty minutes, due to some kind of various noisy annoyance that is going on outside. Now, where we live, we’re SURROUNDED by neighbors. Literally. I’d say we have at least 50-100 people living just within a 2 block radius of the house. So right off the bat, we jumped into a very non-peaceful enviornment.

Another bonus of ALL these neighbors? The one that’s kitty-corner from us has an amateur rock band. This neighbor plays the drums, in said band. He’s AWFUL. Worse than that? He practices his drums every single day.  Never at the same time, so you never know when to expect it. This nonsense goes on for anywhere between a half hour to a few hours. And again, he’s on drums. So all you hear is BOOM BOOM BA-BOOM BOOM BOOM! in every room of our house. It drives me crazy after not even five minutes.. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to call the cops, when, about five minutes into naptime (usually the first, much needed, omg she’s finally asleep! type of nap), and the drumming wakes up my baby. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

When we’re not dealing with that, we’re also conviently located about two miles away from an international airport. So planes and jets are going off and flying by every half hour or so. ALL DAY LONG. every single day.

You’re probably shaking your head, reading this, thinking “why doesn’t this lady just move?!”. The one perk of living in the middle of the noisiest place on earth, is you can’t beat the rent. let’s just say SUPER CHEAP. And as a single mother and sole provider, you can’t really beat that.  Plus with living way up here, we’re out of the crime of the city.

So, I get irritated. And suck it  up. And say damn this place on an everyday basis. But that’s life, for now. 🙂 Someday, I will get my peaceful quiet country house, with no planes, and no neighbors!.

And with that, I bid you adeu. The 1130 flight to wherever just ruined another nap.


Don’t Answer! It’s The Jehovah’s Witnesses!!

Ah, “Mommy Time”. That glorious timeframe of about 2-3 hours that I get solely to myself every night after my daughter goes to sleep and before I myself turn in for the evening. Here I sit with a 7:30 PM cup of coffee, a cigarette, and my laptop. Blissful!.

Today’s post is going to veer off of the topic of single parenting (I think this blog will be a jumble of all things I love to talk about, with a few rant posts here and there.) and venture into what I’ve been dealing with for the past two months:
Now as a general rule, I don’t even bother answering the door for unexpected visitors. A knock on the door when I am not expecting anyone is met by an immediate check of my cell phone. If there is no calls or texts, I don’t bother. Rude? Possibly. Do I care? Not particularly.

One day, however, I was tending to a blind that had fallen down in one of the rooms in my home. As I’m attempting to reconstruct the blind back to the window, I see two well dressed, older women approaching my door. Seeing as they had undoubtedly seen me through the window, I reluctantly answered the door, with a cranky baby in my arms. Questioningly, I looked at the women and the sweet, old lady started in with something about “we’re concerned about young people today, and seeing as you are a mother I am sure you can relate to some of the concerns that our congregation shares.” Keep in mind that this was my very first encounter with anyone trying to push door to door religion, ever. I mumbled something about being busy with my child and having no time to talk. They handed me “The Watchtower” pamplets and the older woman asked if she could come back in a few months and maybe try to speak with me further then. Thinking in my head “oh, a few months? Whatever, I’ll totally remember to avoid the door.” I believe I (STUPIDLY) said something along the lines of “Of course, I wouldnt mind at all.”

…… These people have been hounding my door, several times a week ever since. I have answered a few times, as they usually ALWAYS end up showing up during naptime, and the knocking on my door (which they will relentlessly do for about five minutes every single time) never fails to wake up my sleeping child.
I’ve actually spent a good bit of the day googling “effective ways to nicely get Jehovahs Witnesses to leave you alone”. I’m quite bad with confrontations. Actually, I’m GREAT at them, when I have no issue with being a beeeyatch. But to strangers, espessially elder, freakishly nice strangers, I just cant bring myself to be harsh.

So… I either need to grow a backbone, or continue keeping my blinds shut and ignoring the door. As a Stay/Work at Home mother, the latter is not really a great option.

Have you ever had issues with unwanted visits with Jehovahs Witnesses? Has anything you’ve said to them been effective in stopping the unwanted visits? xx.

Yesterday’s Post..

Due to spotty internet last night, this didn’t get posted until now.

Still burning the midnight oil. This is probably the latest I have been up in weeks. The last two google terms I searched tonight were “Why isnt my 9 month old crawling yet” (she does, however, scoot around, lunge/scoot/roll to get to wherever she is trying to go), and also “Why isnt my 9 month old sleeping through the night yet?”.
Nine months plus, you guys. It has literally been over that long since I have gotten a full nights sleep. Actually, tack on a few more months to that tally because I had a pretty raging case of PUPPS in the final term of my pregnancy.
Crawling, yes, I can work with her on that. Daily. It’ll happen, and I’m really not even that concerned. Well, concerned to be writing a subpar post about it, I suppose. We can thank my family and their “She’s not crawling YET!?!” comments for that.
But sleep? I really dont know what to do in that category. She gets a bottle when going to bed. She wakes up periodically throughout the night, I comfort her momentarily and she’s back to sleep. This happens numerous times throughout the night, though. We’ve never NOT had a night where she hasnt woken up at least once (and that was on a good(!) night.) and she has never slept through the night. Not once. Recently, my sweet girl got a whopping FOUR teeth coming in at once. So naturally her sleep cycle just erupted. Naps as well are unpredictable. She goes down around the same time in the morning, but sometimes that is for about eight minutes, sometimes twenty, and on a stroke of luck day she’ll get an hour nap in. (I’m pretty sure the majority of the reason naps are a failure during the day is due to the level of noise in our area – amateur awful band practice a few doors down, loud neighbors, constant traffic, nearby airport… not exactly baby friendly. Can’t beat the rent though right now.) Even on days when naps are virtually nonexistant, my daughter STILL wakes up fitfully, and often. Any advice is welcomed!

SIDE NOTE: as of TODAY my little one is legitimately CRAWLING!!!