Yesterday’s Post..

Due to spotty internet last night, this didn’t get posted until now.

Still burning the midnight oil. This is probably the latest I have been up in weeks. The last two google terms I searched tonight were “Why isnt my 9 month old crawling yet” (she does, however, scoot around, lunge/scoot/roll to get to wherever she is trying to go), and also “Why isnt my 9 month old sleeping through the night yet?”.
Nine months plus, you guys. It has literally been over that long since I have gotten a full nights sleep. Actually, tack on a few more months to that tally because I had a pretty raging case of PUPPS in the final term of my pregnancy.
Crawling, yes, I can work with her on that. Daily. It’ll happen, and I’m really not even that concerned. Well, concerned to be writing a subpar post about it, I suppose. We can thank my family and their “She’s not crawling YET!?!” comments for that.
But sleep? I really dont know what to do in that category. She gets a bottle when going to bed. She wakes up periodically throughout the night, I comfort her momentarily and she’s back to sleep. This happens numerous times throughout the night, though. We’ve never NOT had a night where she hasnt woken up at least once (and that was on a good(!) night.) and she has never slept through the night. Not once. Recently, my sweet girl got a whopping FOUR teeth coming in at once. So naturally her sleep cycle just erupted. Naps as well are unpredictable. She goes down around the same time in the morning, but sometimes that is for about eight minutes, sometimes twenty, and on a stroke of luck day she’ll get an hour nap in. (I’m pretty sure the majority of the reason naps are a failure during the day is due to the level of noise in our area – amateur awful band practice a few doors down, loud neighbors, constant traffic, nearby airport… not exactly baby friendly. Can’t beat the rent though right now.) Even on days when naps are virtually nonexistant, my daughter STILL wakes up fitfully, and often. Any advice is welcomed!

SIDE NOTE: as of TODAY my little one is legitimately CRAWLING!!!


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