Starting Work.

Thought I’d pop in quick and add that my move as an official Work at Home Mama begins soon. Next week soon. I’m torn between being uber excited to be working again, while still being able to take care of my little love, and wondering just how in the hell I’m going to pull this off with a little munchkin that moves at the speed of light these days and no kind of help. My mom and my sister both said they will help out during the two week training (which starts next week) but after that I’m on my own to figure it out. Luckily you can choose your own hours, with a 14 hour workday timeframe, so fingers crossed that my vision of working during naps and bedtime with a hopefully an hour or two in the living room while Baby is entertained by Elmo is a vision that is achievable. I’d like to contribute about 5-6 hours per day, and I do believe we are not allowed to work on Sundays. Anyways, be expecting a post about life as a WAHM a bit down the road once I learn the ropes of this.


Still Not Sleeping Through The Night.


yup, still. at almost eleven months.

Here’s what a typical night of sleep looks like for us.

Bedtime 7-8 pm.

sometimes she just fights it, and it takes maybe 45 minutes from the time I try to lay her down to the time that she actually falls asleep. She gets her blankie, a bottle, her back rubbed, and mommy stays with her until she falls asleep. (Note: I have tried leaving as she’s remotely tired, tried doing that thing that you other moms do THAT IM SO JEALOUS OF, where you just lay your child down, say goodnight, leave, and that’s that.

Usually within a half hour of Miss Munchkin going to sleep for the night, she’s up. Crying. So I go back in there, lay her back down, rub her back, and shes out again.

Repeat this scenario 2-3x between the time she goes to sleep and the two to three hours before I myself go to sleep. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s EXHAUSTING. Sometimes it takes awhile to get her to fall back asleep again. I find myself spending SO much time putting her to sleep and back asleep again that I don’t get much done. I probably spend at least a 1/3 of my “Mommy Time Alone” going back in there to get her back to sleep.

Then, she’s up at least once a night for a bit of a bottle. She doesn’t drink a substantial amount, so that leads me to believe that she doesn’t really need this feeding anymore, it’s more of a habitual feeding.

Anyways, you guys… almost eleven months now that I haven’t got more than a few hours of sleep at a time. It’s been well over a year since I’ve slept thrugh the night. Every day I just keep telling myself “Maybe tonight she’ll do better, all babies are different.” This mantra worked, for awhile, until my neighbor recently posted on her Facebook status that her baby finally slept through the night, AT TWO AND A HALF YEARS OLD.

I don’t think I can go another year plus of this inconsistent sleep. She probably the worst sleeper I’ve ever seen as a baby. Considering hiring a “Nap Nanny” or Sleep Therapy person or whatever. If any of ya’ll have any suggestions, please post here.

The top articles I’ve googled always begin with “All NEW Parents deal with this…” Well, I’m not really new anymore. My daughter will be a year in a little over a month. And while we’ve never slept through the night, sleeping was certainly always never this fitful and restless before.

Also Note: She IS teething. Visibly. Always chewing on her hands. Baby Girl has five teeth, with the sixth currently poking it’s way through. She had teething symptoms since about three months old, but never even popped her first tooth until about nine months. So poor sweet girl has literally had 6 teeth grow through in two months. And we of course do Baby Tylenol, Baby Orajel, teething rings. She’s also been extremely irritable. To the point that someone even commented this morning on how she’s been so cranky lately. (Which she has.) Naturally, I defended the statement immediately with a slightly hissed “she’s fine. She’s teething!” but thinking about her behavior and lack of sleep the past two months, it did indeed prompt me to write this blog post.

The third and final factor in our sleepless mission, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this probably more than once already, is our ridiculously noisy neighbourhood… The Airport, The Drummer, all the neighbors, constant traffic, & Add on the fun fact that the guest parking lot location is conveniently located directly outside of our house, and it’s nonstop noise, 24/7. I use a fan for her when she’s sleeping to try and drown out some of the local noise, and even alternate turning up the heater during naps and sleep so it’s another lulling noise to dull the neighbors. DOESN”T HELP.

She’s been down now almost an hour on her afternoon nap, which is much later than usual. i’ve spent a good portion of the day googling “my child doesn’t sleep” and reading articles about it.. First of all, I had no idea that night terrors occured! 😦 How absolutely sad. Along with seperation anxiety (I was wondering WTF WHY DOES SHE WAKE UP WHEN I LEAVE?) and obvs teething. The fact that we co-sleep probably doesn’t help much either, If you googled the term “Bad Sleep Habits” there will likely be a photo of my daughter and I as the first result. I know, I know, not an ideal situation. A controversial one, at that. Trust me when I say that I turned out to be a much more crunchy, granola-ish, attachment parent after I actually had a baby than I ever dreamed I would be. I’m sure the co-sleeping doesn’t help our Sleepless in Seattle nights. But for us, the pros outweigh the cons in that category.

I guess I’ll just do what mothers everywhere have done time and time again, keep cranking out the coffee, sleep when possible and just remember that one day she will likely LOVE sleep, just like her mama. 🙂

random tidbits & Meal Planning.

ImageYou never get as much done as you do right after a surprise phone call saying someone is stopping by in twenty minutes.

woke up to one of those calls this morning, and it happened to be my best friend (and ex, lol!) saying he was coming by with some belated gifts for baby & I for Christmas, and to hang out for a bit. Little Girl got some new toys & Hello Kitty décor, and Mama got a new flat screen tv (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Totally unexpected. Made my week. 😀 Thanks pal, I love you. Little Munchkin is pretty fond of you as well.   

Anyways, afterwards I got my house sparkling clean (Which is why I actually have some time to churn out a blog post, the two hours I get to myself every night are finally being used for relaxing and not frantically cleaning. Anyways, I’m semi-excited to report that I am going to give monthly  meal planning a real shot. It can’t hurt, right? And besides, how awesome would it be to not have to wonder what the heck  your going to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner ever day? I’ve heard good things about this system, mostly from pinterest supermoms and favorite blogggers, so I figured hey, I’ll give it a shot.

Now while I haven’t gone on my next grocery trip yet, (expect a full post when I Ido), I did prep with my “Master List” and Calender. They are both in rough draft form right now, but I  got the key points on paper. First start off by listing everything your family likes to eat. This is important, because making never-tried dishes as a main course could backfire and you’ll end up in your kitchen, making something else. Espessially if you have picky children. Or if your like me, and get caught up in Instagram photos of food you’ve never eaten, much less prepared, and then you try to take a gander at it. Reminds me of the time I attempted Quinoa. Vegetarian Superfood my ass! Nobody enjoyed it, and it went directly into the garbage. Luckily it was made as a side dish and not a base! Live and Learn. 😉

After you’ve listed your favorite dishes, then grab your calendar , laptop or just make your own month graph on a piece of paper. Starting with breakfast, go down the list filling in what you’ll be eating for each given day. With the way I prepared our monthly meals, our breakfasts are different each day but the breakfast meal plan stays the same every week.

Then, move on to lunch, and then dinner. When you are done then go through your month of planned meals and write down your grocery list. Compare your list to the calendar so you can jot down how many of whatever food  you need to buy in order to keep up with the calendar.

Next go through your cupboards and fridge/freezer, jotting down a list of juices, beverages, coffees, creamers, condiments, whatever, that need replacing. 

Finally, compile your Master LIst. I’m not quite there yet, with my 3 pages of jotted notes and subpar month page. But I will be! Hopefully this is the ticket to not only BabyGirl and I having to make less trips to the grocery store, but also to just looking at my calendar & knowing what we’re making/eating that day, instead of pondering the situation over 3x a day, everyday.

Will post final copy, and results! Crossing fingers this helps more with my familys’ grocery budget.


**Discovered my meal planning ideas from Pinterest, different Google articles, and the “Meal Planning” blog post from

A Day in The Life of A Stay at Home Mother.

7:00 AM: Wake up to baby lightly slapping you in the face. 

7:05-7:20 AM: Change and dress baby. Give bottle. If your my daughter, your 10 months old and so spoiled that you STILL will not (she can, but doesn’t) because you know mommy will hold it for you. Get baby situated in living room with Sesame Street and toys. Put up baby gates.

7:21 AM: Head to kitchen for much needed coffee. 

7:22 AM: Go to back porch for morning cigarette (I know, I know, it’s bad for me.) 

7:23 AM: Head in when baby starts screaming and crying. Put out cigarette that you barely smoked.Gulp as much coffee as you can between the walk from the door back to the living room.

7:24 AM Pick up baby. Make baby happy

7:26 AM-8:00-AM Start cooking breakfast.Prop baby girl in high chair with Gerber biscuits while I cook. Make her’s first. Cut everything up into tiny bits. Give DD her breakfast and start to cook my own. Finish and sit down at table next to baby to eat. Baby is done with her breakfast by this time and wants out. Break out the highchair toys, and try to eat as much as you can in the five minutes before she demands to get out. Finish about half of your breakfast. 

8:00-10:00AM Chase speed-crawling baby throughout house. Vaccuum for the first time of the day, since baby puts EVERYTHING they can find in their mouths, and that’s all babygirl wants to do is be on the move on the floor. 

10:00AM: Give DD a small snack and a bottle. Read a story, Play with toys, Generally try to tire her out a bit. Finally check voicemails from the previous night. Attempt to open e-mail. Run to catch baby before they pull that cord out from behind the television stand, again. 

10:30-11AM. Try to put baby to sleep for a nap. Go through the entire routine. Diaper change, songs, comfy blankie, give her a toy to hold while she has her bottle, etc. Spend at least a half hour doing this. Repeat that it’s naptime at least ten times. 

11:01 AM Finally creep out of the room and attempt to get as much done as possible in this glorious slot of free time you’ve finally obtained. But first, back to that cigarette and that coffee!

11:10AM Barely finish the coffee before the monitor goes off.

11:11AM Pray that she was just stirring about and goes back to sleep.

11:12 AM Sigh deeply and go retrieve your very awake baby.

11:30-2 PM: Run errands. (Thankfully DD loves being out and about, so errand-time is a breeze!)  Lunch is also on this agenda, somewhere in the noon hour. If we’re out to lunch it goes rather smoothly, if we’re not you can refer back to breakfast time, and just imagine a general replay of that only with different food.

2:00-3:00 Playtime with baby. 

3:00 Naptime. Spend 10-15 minutes getting baby to sleep. Nervously wait for the next five minutes. When she hasnt awoke, spend the next.. however long you have, frantically trying to get as much done as possible.

Somewhere between 330-4 and about halfway done with your to do list :

Baby’s awake. Repeat chasing her throughout the house, keeping her entertained and listening to Caillou.

5:00pm Start preparing dinner. Lately this has been anything that I can bake in the oven for up to an hour. DD starts whining halfway through. Stop, and spend another ten minutes tending to your childs needs. Go back to prepping dinner.

6:00pm-6:30 pmFeed baby and eat dinner yourself.

6:30-7 Baby bath time.

7-745: Get baby to bed.

8-930 PM Housework.

9:30-10PM Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging. 😉

10PM. Fall asleep. Immediately. The moment your head hits the pillow.

1AM: Baby’s awake. 

330AM Baby’s awake.

5AM: Baby’s awake. (She’s teething.)

7 AM: Start your day all over again. Where’s that coffee and smoke?! 😉



Let me tell you what insanity feels like.

it’s when your teething child, (who’s been up napless for about nine hours, and kept you up all night the night before) finally goes to bed, and your inconsiderate, horrible neighbors decide that they should alternate between playing the drums, and bouncing a basketball down the road. Yes, the snow filled, ice covered, it’s -5 below out road.

and the dream of a peaceful, country home lives on.

The Struggle.

“Oh, I’ll just get a Work at Home Job. That can’t be too hard.”

-Me.  About a million times.  Before I actually set out to try and find an actual, legitimate work at home position.

I’ve been on the hunt for something that I can do from my home office for legitimate payment for a few days now, and I must say – the internet is filled with scams! (Duh. ) I’ve probably applied to about 20 WAH jobs so far, and my inbox has been just blowing up with spam. Wonderful. :/ Also, the majority of websites I’ve visited only pay if you buy some kind of services (or two, or three..) from a  seperate linked site. Or they straight up ask you to put money down up front.

You want me to PAY YOU to work FOR YOU? Uhm, no. No way. If I had money to throw around like that on some bogus websites that are probably operated out of somebody’s parents’ basement, don’t you think I wouldn’t even be bothering to seek a work at home employment offer?? Plus I’ve read many, many times that nothing is legit if you have to pay, so there is that. It’s been a struggle. But I’m going to keep at it until I find something.  I am literally willing to do anything. ANYTHING. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G that pays money to work from my home office. Shipping my daughter off to daycare isn’t an option, so working outside of my home is also not an option. I’m running out of time to find something, so you know where I’ll be for the next… however long it takes. 🙂 Wish me luck!

Do you or anyone you know work from their home? Have you ever done anything work from home related? What was your experiences with it and would you reccomend it.

Long Overdue..

Between crashing, faulty internet and my household being sick, this post was probably written over a matter of three daysish, and just added to, and readded to.


Hello! Still here! We’ve had a bug that’s run through my entire family and has kept me down and out for about a week. 😦 While I am FINALLY feeling better, my little one is still recouping. It’s been a longggg, slow week over here. But, I do thank the Lord that our bouts with the cold/flu virus weren’t as bad as some other folks. Now hopefully we can go the rest of the winter without catching anything else. (note* besides a small cough here and there, we’re both recovered!! Thank you God. Cold & Flu season where we live has been SCARY bad here this winter so far!)

We had a low key New Years Eve over here, with both baby girl and I asleep by nine. I did, however feebly attempt a list of my 2013 Resolutions. Nothing too spectacular, but little improvements here and there that I think are both realistic and logical.

1) Feed my family in a greener, cleaner way.  Now that my girl is starting to eat more and more solid, table foods, I’d like to make sure i’m keeping her diet balanced and nutricious. Princess is on the smaller percentile for weight because she’s just oh so tall, and I always worry if she’s getting enough calories for the growing girl that she is! Also I must say that the overload of healthy choices WIAW-like dishes that yall post look even more delicious than any regular, not as healthy meals!.

2) Keep up with the blog.

Yes, this blog. I haven’t had a  blog since the good ol’ LiveJournal days, and this is really something I intend to do on a regular basis. And the fact that it’s a whopping nine days after New Years already, and I’m just now posting my Resolution list isn’t exactly a galloping head start. But I’m awaiting the arrival of the internet guy TODAY between 1&5 (so five, of course..) and I promise I’ll be better with posting. Yay for overpriced wifi, and goodbye free, let’s take 15 i to load a page neighborhood internet.

3) Start a Fitness Regimen.

I’m a wannabe runner.  No excuses, let’s do this!

4) Get my daughter baptised.

This is important to both my mother and I. I haven’t been to church in a long time. Definately a few years. Probably pushing like ten. I would like to further my connection to the Lord for both myself and my daughter.

5) Cut down on the Mountain Dew.

Wild Cherry Pepsi. Cherry Coke. Whatever. Fact is, i LOVE soda. My teeth? do Not. the Calories probably do not either.

6) Document all photos of BabyGirl’s first year of life.

Plus work on her scrapbook!

7) Find some new friends with children close to my daughter’s age.

Playgroups are something we MUST start. My sweetheart has virtually no interaction with other small children her age and that needs to stop. I’d say to even try to reconnect with the old friends, but,as life works, everyone’s always too busy with their own kids, lives, ect.

8) Maybe (and that’s a Maybe) Start Dating Again.

I simply didnt feel comfortable dating while my child was only “x months old”. But it’s been almost two years now that I’ve been single, and while I surely don’t want to be alone forever, it’s not easy to find a decent man around here. Espessially one that you’d ever even consider bringing your child around. Maybe I’ll try EHarmony… lol.

9) Start looking like your former self, EVERY day.

Now any mother of a baby could agree with me I’m sure on this one, but as stay at home mothers we get into a groove with being busy with children, household issues, etc, and let’s just say that for the past 10 months or so I definately haven’t looked as good as I could. I’m talking hot mess mama. Yesterdays’ streaked makeup, yoga pants and no bra.  Comfy? You bet. But the saying is absolutely true, that you need to look better to feel better. I may not get my haircut anytime soon, or my nails done again within the next few years, but even something as small as taking your hair out of the bun, putting on some jeans and applying fresh mascara can put a better spin on any day.

10. Learn how to play “On the Turning Away” on guitar.

The end riff of this song is literally the most amazing sound I have ever heard in my entire life. Blew me away. Ever since I’ve just said I MUST learn how to play that. File this under weird personal goals. 🙂

Plus, an added two. (Aiming high this year! Go big or go home haha).

a) Get more Organized.

This goes for pretty much all aspects of life. From organizing my notes in one spot as opposed to jumbled notes on pieces of paper everywhere, using a planner instead of trying to store everything in my always-dying cell phone, to using one of those snazzy pinterest cleaning monthly boards so I don’t feel as if I am always cleaning; etc.

b). Make sure that EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE and my daughter’s life, that I am a better parent to her than mine were to me. (I already try to do this, have been doing this, and will remain forever in pursuit of this!) Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, and they tried their best in their own ways. But isn’t that what our generation is all about? The Crunchier, Granola-ier bunch of parents that just want to make our children’s upbringing as good as possible. 🙂

Happy New Year, Darlings. ❤ Make it a great year! *in my Lisa Vanderpump Voice*