Long Overdue..

Between crashing, faulty internet and my household being sick, this post was probably written over a matter of three daysish, and just added to, and readded to.


Hello! Still here! We’ve had a bug that’s run through my entire family and has kept me down and out for about a week. 😦 While I am FINALLY feeling better, my little one is still recouping. It’s been a longggg, slow week over here. But, I do thank the Lord that our bouts with the cold/flu virus weren’t as bad as some other folks. Now hopefully we can go the rest of the winter without catching anything else. (note* besides a small cough here and there, we’re both recovered!! Thank you God. Cold & Flu season where we live has been SCARY bad here this winter so far!)

We had a low key New Years Eve over here, with both baby girl and I asleep by nine. I did, however feebly attempt a list of my 2013 Resolutions. Nothing too spectacular, but little improvements here and there that I think are both realistic and logical.

1) Feed my family in a greener, cleaner way.  Now that my girl is starting to eat more and more solid, table foods, I’d like to make sure i’m keeping her diet balanced and nutricious. Princess is on the smaller percentile for weight because she’s just oh so tall, and I always worry if she’s getting enough calories for the growing girl that she is! Also I must say that the overload of healthy choices WIAW-like dishes that yall post look even more delicious than any regular, not as healthy meals!.

2) Keep up with the blog.

Yes, this blog. I haven’t had a  blog since the good ol’ LiveJournal days, and this is really something I intend to do on a regular basis. And the fact that it’s a whopping nine days after New Years already, and I’m just now posting my Resolution list isn’t exactly a galloping head start. But I’m awaiting the arrival of the internet guy TODAY between 1&5 (so five, of course..) and I promise I’ll be better with posting. Yay for overpriced wifi, and goodbye free, let’s take 15 i to load a page neighborhood internet.

3) Start a Fitness Regimen.

I’m a wannabe runner.  No excuses, let’s do this!

4) Get my daughter baptised.

This is important to both my mother and I. I haven’t been to church in a long time. Definately a few years. Probably pushing like ten. I would like to further my connection to the Lord for both myself and my daughter.

5) Cut down on the Mountain Dew.

Wild Cherry Pepsi. Cherry Coke. Whatever. Fact is, i LOVE soda. My teeth? do Not. the Calories probably do not either.

6) Document all photos of BabyGirl’s first year of life.

Plus work on her scrapbook!

7) Find some new friends with children close to my daughter’s age.

Playgroups are something we MUST start. My sweetheart has virtually no interaction with other small children her age and that needs to stop. I’d say to even try to reconnect with the old friends, but,as life works, everyone’s always too busy with their own kids, lives, ect.

8) Maybe (and that’s a Maybe) Start Dating Again.

I simply didnt feel comfortable dating while my child was only “x months old”. But it’s been almost two years now that I’ve been single, and while I surely don’t want to be alone forever, it’s not easy to find a decent man around here. Espessially one that you’d ever even consider bringing your child around. Maybe I’ll try EHarmony… lol.

9) Start looking like your former self, EVERY day.

Now any mother of a baby could agree with me I’m sure on this one, but as stay at home mothers we get into a groove with being busy with children, household issues, etc, and let’s just say that for the past 10 months or so I definately haven’t looked as good as I could. I’m talking hot mess mama. Yesterdays’ streaked makeup, yoga pants and no bra.  Comfy? You bet. But the saying is absolutely true, that you need to look better to feel better. I may not get my haircut anytime soon, or my nails done again within the next few years, but even something as small as taking your hair out of the bun, putting on some jeans and applying fresh mascara can put a better spin on any day.

10. Learn how to play “On the Turning Away” on guitar.

The end riff of this song is literally the most amazing sound I have ever heard in my entire life. Blew me away. Ever since I’ve just said I MUST learn how to play that. File this under weird personal goals. 🙂

Plus, an added two. (Aiming high this year! Go big or go home haha).

a) Get more Organized.

This goes for pretty much all aspects of life. From organizing my notes in one spot as opposed to jumbled notes on pieces of paper everywhere, using a planner instead of trying to store everything in my always-dying cell phone, to using one of those snazzy pinterest cleaning monthly boards so I don’t feel as if I am always cleaning; etc.

b). Make sure that EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE and my daughter’s life, that I am a better parent to her than mine were to me. (I already try to do this, have been doing this, and will remain forever in pursuit of this!) Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, and they tried their best in their own ways. But isn’t that what our generation is all about? The Crunchier, Granola-ier bunch of parents that just want to make our children’s upbringing as good as possible. 🙂

Happy New Year, Darlings. ❤ Make it a great year! *in my Lisa Vanderpump Voice*


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