The Struggle.

“Oh, I’ll just get a Work at Home Job. That can’t be too hard.”

-Me.  About a million times.  Before I actually set out to try and find an actual, legitimate work at home position.

I’ve been on the hunt for something that I can do from my home office for legitimate payment for a few days now, and I must say – the internet is filled with scams! (Duh. ) I’ve probably applied to about 20 WAH jobs so far, and my inbox has been just blowing up with spam. Wonderful. :/ Also, the majority of websites I’ve visited only pay if you buy some kind of services (or two, or three..) from a  seperate linked site. Or they straight up ask you to put money down up front.

You want me to PAY YOU to work FOR YOU? Uhm, no. No way. If I had money to throw around like that on some bogus websites that are probably operated out of somebody’s parents’ basement, don’t you think I wouldn’t even be bothering to seek a work at home employment offer?? Plus I’ve read many, many times that nothing is legit if you have to pay, so there is that. It’s been a struggle. But I’m going to keep at it until I find something.  I am literally willing to do anything. ANYTHING. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G that pays money to work from my home office. Shipping my daughter off to daycare isn’t an option, so working outside of my home is also not an option. I’m running out of time to find something, so you know where I’ll be for the next… however long it takes. 🙂 Wish me luck!

Do you or anyone you know work from their home? Have you ever done anything work from home related? What was your experiences with it and would you reccomend it.


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