random tidbits & Meal Planning.

ImageYou never get as much done as you do right after a surprise phone call saying someone is stopping by in twenty minutes.

woke up to one of those calls this morning, and it happened to be my best friend (and ex, lol!) saying he was coming by with some belated gifts for baby & I for Christmas, and to hang out for a bit. Little Girl got some new toys & Hello Kitty décor, and Mama got a new flat screen tv (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Totally unexpected. Made my week. 😀 Thanks pal, I love you. Little Munchkin is pretty fond of you as well.   

Anyways, afterwards I got my house sparkling clean (Which is why I actually have some time to churn out a blog post, the two hours I get to myself every night are finally being used for relaxing and not frantically cleaning. Anyways, I’m semi-excited to report that I am going to give monthly  meal planning a real shot. It can’t hurt, right? And besides, how awesome would it be to not have to wonder what the heck  your going to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner ever day? I’ve heard good things about this system, mostly from pinterest supermoms and favorite blogggers, so I figured hey, I’ll give it a shot.

Now while I haven’t gone on my next grocery trip yet, (expect a full post when I Ido), I did prep with my “Master List” and Calender. They are both in rough draft form right now, but I  got the key points on paper. First start off by listing everything your family likes to eat. This is important, because making never-tried dishes as a main course could backfire and you’ll end up in your kitchen, making something else. Espessially if you have picky children. Or if your like me, and get caught up in Instagram photos of food you’ve never eaten, much less prepared, and then you try to take a gander at it. Reminds me of the time I attempted Quinoa. Vegetarian Superfood my ass! Nobody enjoyed it, and it went directly into the garbage. Luckily it was made as a side dish and not a base! Live and Learn. 😉

After you’ve listed your favorite dishes, then grab your calendar , laptop or just make your own month graph on a piece of paper. Starting with breakfast, go down the list filling in what you’ll be eating for each given day. With the way I prepared our monthly meals, our breakfasts are different each day but the breakfast meal plan stays the same every week.

Then, move on to lunch, and then dinner. When you are done then go through your month of planned meals and write down your grocery list. Compare your list to the calendar so you can jot down how many of whatever food  you need to buy in order to keep up with the calendar.

Next go through your cupboards and fridge/freezer, jotting down a list of juices, beverages, coffees, creamers, condiments, whatever, that need replacing. 

Finally, compile your Master LIst. I’m not quite there yet, with my 3 pages of jotted notes and subpar month page. But I will be! Hopefully this is the ticket to not only BabyGirl and I having to make less trips to the grocery store, but also to just looking at my calendar & knowing what we’re making/eating that day, instead of pondering the situation over 3x a day, everyday.

Will post final copy, and results! Crossing fingers this helps more with my familys’ grocery budget.


**Discovered my meal planning ideas from Pinterest, different Google articles, and the “Meal Planning” blog post from hillbillyhousewife.com


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