Starting Work.

Thought I’d pop in quick and add that my move as an official Work at Home Mama begins soon. Next week soon. I’m torn between being uber excited to be working again, while still being able to take care of my little love, and wondering just how in the hell I’m going to pull this off with a little munchkin that moves at the speed of light these days and no kind of help. My mom and my sister both said they will help out during the two week training (which starts next week) but after that I’m on my own to figure it out. Luckily you can choose your own hours, with a 14 hour workday timeframe, so fingers crossed that my vision of working during naps and bedtime with a hopefully an hour or two in the living room while Baby is entertained by Elmo is a vision that is achievable. I’d like to contribute about 5-6 hours per day, and I do believe we are not allowed to work on Sundays. Anyways, be expecting a post about life as a WAHM a bit down the road once I learn the ropes of this.


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