Still Not Sleeping Through The Night.


yup, still. at almost eleven months.

Here’s what a typical night of sleep looks like for us.

Bedtime 7-8 pm.

sometimes she just fights it, and it takes maybe 45 minutes from the time I try to lay her down to the time that she actually falls asleep. She gets her blankie, a bottle, her back rubbed, and mommy stays with her until she falls asleep. (Note: I have tried leaving as she’s remotely tired, tried doing that thing that you other moms do THAT IM SO JEALOUS OF, where you just lay your child down, say goodnight, leave, and that’s that.

Usually within a half hour of Miss Munchkin going to sleep for the night, she’s up. Crying. So I go back in there, lay her back down, rub her back, and shes out again.

Repeat this scenario 2-3x between the time she goes to sleep and the two to three hours before I myself go to sleep. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s EXHAUSTING. Sometimes it takes awhile to get her to fall back asleep again. I find myself spending SO much time putting her to sleep and back asleep again that I don’t get much done. I probably spend at least a 1/3 of my “Mommy Time Alone” going back in there to get her back to sleep.

Then, she’s up at least once a night for a bit of a bottle. She doesn’t drink a substantial amount, so that leads me to believe that she doesn’t really need this feeding anymore, it’s more of a habitual feeding.

Anyways, you guys… almost eleven months now that I haven’t got more than a few hours of sleep at a time. It’s been well over a year since I’ve slept thrugh the night. Every day I just keep telling myself “Maybe tonight she’ll do better, all babies are different.” This mantra worked, for awhile, until my neighbor recently posted on her Facebook status that her baby finally slept through the night, AT TWO AND A HALF YEARS OLD.

I don’t think I can go another year plus of this inconsistent sleep. She probably the worst sleeper I’ve ever seen as a baby. Considering hiring a “Nap Nanny” or Sleep Therapy person or whatever. If any of ya’ll have any suggestions, please post here.

The top articles I’ve googled always begin with “All NEW Parents deal with this…” Well, I’m not really new anymore. My daughter will be a year in a little over a month. And while we’ve never slept through the night, sleeping was certainly always never this fitful and restless before.

Also Note: She IS teething. Visibly. Always chewing on her hands. Baby Girl has five teeth, with the sixth currently poking it’s way through. She had teething symptoms since about three months old, but never even popped her first tooth until about nine months. So poor sweet girl has literally had 6 teeth grow through in two months. And we of course do Baby Tylenol, Baby Orajel, teething rings. She’s also been extremely irritable. To the point that someone even commented this morning on how she’s been so cranky lately. (Which she has.) Naturally, I defended the statement immediately with a slightly hissed “she’s fine. She’s teething!” but thinking about her behavior and lack of sleep the past two months, it did indeed prompt me to write this blog post.

The third and final factor in our sleepless mission, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this probably more than once already, is our ridiculously noisy neighbourhood… The Airport, The Drummer, all the neighbors, constant traffic, & Add on the fun fact that the guest parking lot location is conveniently located directly outside of our house, and it’s nonstop noise, 24/7. I use a fan for her when she’s sleeping to try and drown out some of the local noise, and even alternate turning up the heater during naps and sleep so it’s another lulling noise to dull the neighbors. DOESN”T HELP.

She’s been down now almost an hour on her afternoon nap, which is much later than usual. i’ve spent a good portion of the day googling “my child doesn’t sleep” and reading articles about it.. First of all, I had no idea that night terrors occured! 😦 How absolutely sad. Along with seperation anxiety (I was wondering WTF WHY DOES SHE WAKE UP WHEN I LEAVE?) and obvs teething. The fact that we co-sleep probably doesn’t help much either, If you googled the term “Bad Sleep Habits” there will likely be a photo of my daughter and I as the first result. I know, I know, not an ideal situation. A controversial one, at that. Trust me when I say that I turned out to be a much more crunchy, granola-ish, attachment parent after I actually had a baby than I ever dreamed I would be. I’m sure the co-sleeping doesn’t help our Sleepless in Seattle nights. But for us, the pros outweigh the cons in that category.

I guess I’ll just do what mothers everywhere have done time and time again, keep cranking out the coffee, sleep when possible and just remember that one day she will likely LOVE sleep, just like her mama. 🙂


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