Basicallly a blog post just for the sake of blogging today.

Just popped in to haphazardly write a quick post. It’s my last full “free day” before work training begins! Now even though it’s just working from home (which is FANTASTIC!), it feels a bit weird to know that I’ll actually be joining the workforce again. It’s been a long time coming. I stopped working during my 5th month of pregnancy, due to complications. I worked at a nursing home at this time, and the overnight hours and manual labor was just not pairing well with my pregnancy. So I stopped. (On a doctor’s recommendation.) Then I had my little girl, and I’ve spent the last almost-year of just simply being a stay at home mother and taking care of her. Now that she’s getting older, we have our own place and we just have more and more to pay for, going back to work makes the most sense. While it’ll be lovely to be able to take in an income, it’s going to be hard to try and fit in 5-6 hours per day for work! I mean most nights at the end of the night I’m scrambling just to get my cleaning done before I turn in for the night. But do what you gotta do. 🙂 I’m not the first mommy to. have to work, and I still get to spend the same amount of time with my baby. ❤ Plus it still blows my mind that instead of getting up extremely early to shower, get ready, get baby ready, and haul her off to some daycare, plus add on my driving time to work…. instead of all that, I just need to log in by nine. From my kitchen table! eeeeeeee!

Today is just being spent trying to get some things out of the way before training begins tomorrow. An old friend just stopped by to pick up a bunch of things that my daughter had grown out of. She’s expecting a baby in the summer and it’s a big help to get rid of some of these things, I literally have no room to store them! Glad I could help out. 🙂 People helped me with stuff when I was pregnant, so karma karma karma.

Also on the agenda today, is grocery shopping! I have my handy little list (be expecting a meal-planning post within the next few days!) and am going to the grocery store as soon as my little one wakes up from her nap.  After that? Laundry! SO OVERDUE on my laundry, to the point that babygirl and I are “dressed up.” Let me set the scene for you — Baby in a  professional-photo style adorable ruffly pink dress w/black tights. Me in leggings & a dress. Are we going to a formal event? Nope, just laundry day. All of our comfy clothes are packed in laundry baskets, ready to go. I cannot stress enough how much I can’t WAIT for our new washer and dryer!

Other than that, I have some paperwork to mail in for work, and since I have a sparkling clean house by noon (more rare that early than not), I’ll get the rest of the afternoon after errands to just chill with my munchkin. Oh, and write off all those notes that we got e-mailed to us today that are apparently required for training. Ha. Gotta love those last minute e-mails of importance.

Have a great week! I know I will! 😀


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