Pinteresting Favorites.

Happy Tuesday, folks! …Or it Wednesday? Hehe, I can’t be the only mama that has to take a minute and ponder that thought, right? When your constantly busy and home with a baby, all your days pretty much blend together. With the exception of special planned out events, appointments, birthdays, etc, I never really know which day we are on. I’ll blame the fact that it’s 6pm and my coffee has longgg since wore off. 😉

Anyways, I’m two days into the work at home gig. So far so good. 😀 The training is going well and I think this something I will definitely want to do for a couple years, until I get my degree and my daughter begins preschool. The only downside is, I need a babysitter for my little one during this training. I figured, hey, work at home, no problem. Apparently it is a problem. It’s all web/computer/usb+phone based, so you get the full deal training experience right from home. But in order for things to go smoothly, there can be ZERO background noise. Pretty impossible with my loud little munchkin and our constant Elmo. First comment as I logged in “…Is that cartoons?!” Yes, maam, it is. I have an eleven month old… Which led to a minor lecture, and me frantically searching for childcare for the remainder of training. I’ve never left my daughter with anyone, with the exception of my mother and sister. And even then it’s been for a sparse few hours at a time. Now while they’ve thankfully stepped up and can take her on their days off, this arrangement still leaves me with two days (one each week) .. that I just don’t know. I don’t have any options yet. :/  The fact that I don’t currently have a vehicle seriously limits my options as well, as the FEW people I can think of that I’d let watch her live at least a half hour away. It would be just too much to ask for them to drive here, when I already need them to watch her for 5-6 hours. Yikes. Hopefully I’ll think of something. Otherwise, the good old mute button will be my best pal (like it was on Day One.) and … hope for the best?


Anyways, other than that I’ve been on a pinterest kick lately. Actually putting things to use that I have pinned from. I’ve really only tried to recreate food dishes previously, but I figured why not. Here are a few things that I have personally tried, and can vouch for. 😀


  1. Perfect Dry Manicure.

I, like the majority of women on the planet, like my nails to look good. Pre-baby, they were NEVER unmanicured. Ever. I think my hands are a little on the bigger side, and if they are unpainted they remind me of man hands. Not ideal! Luckily, acrylics and polish always fixed this issue and made my hands look tip-top. Since I’ve had a baby, the fake nails are longgg gone. Not only are they a hastle to do things (button pants, open pop cans… ), but I can’t be scratching the baby accidently with one, and let’s face it, each manicure is $45 that I could have spent better on literally anything. So that’s out. I’m not saying I’d never get one again if I had some kind of formal event to attend or something, but for the normal day to day flow it’s not happening. Polish? Love. Love love love it. I probably have at least 85 assorted nail polishes in my bathroom right now. The downside? For me, I can never sit still long enough for my polish to dry correctly! It smudges, and dries like that. Horribly. So imagine my joy to read about a SIMPLE, quick solution to a perfect dry QUICKLY, and we have my #1 Favorite Pinterest so far —

After painting your nails, submerge your hands in a large bowl of very cold water for three minutes.

 …. That’s it!! In three minutes, you will have icicle-cold hands, but perfectly dry, unsmudged nails. ❤


2)  The Olive Oil Miracle Face.

This concept took a few months, and numerous articles for me to even take it seriously. Like really, you want me to slather something that I cook with daily onto my face as a beauty remedy?!?! Say whaaa? Lol.  A little backstory; I’ve struggled with problem skin since junior high. I still get breakouts here and there. While they are mild, and I can still cover them up with makeup and not have it noticeable, there is not much that I would love more than just perfectly clear skin. And I’ve tried it all, drugstore creams, washes, Proactive, etc. I’m allergic to 99.9% of everything. In fact, the only tried and true facial cleanser I can even use is Clean & Clear Morning Burst wash. Which doesn’t give the results I want, but again, is all I am able to use. I’m allergic to the two main ingredients in all acne cleansing facial washes (benzoil and whatever else…) Anywho, after reading a rave review from a Twitter pal who has similar skin, I decided what the heck. All you do is pour a small pool of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (**note, it HAS to be extra Virgin, if you are just using pure Olive Oil it’s not going to work), but rub your fingers in the oil and apply it to your cleansed face. Rub the oil into your face in circular motions, covering your driest areas most, for about 2-3 minutes. Then take a steaming hot washcloth (as hot as you can stand), and press it to your face for about 30 seconds, until the water cools. This opens up your pores and allows the oil to seep in even better. Then wring out the washcloth, add more hot water, and repeat, this time gently removing the oil. Some folks actually just leave a light layer on their skin when they go to sleep. It’s only been a couple days now, but I CAN notice a difference in the size of my pores, and the softness of my face. Instructions say to do this twice a day, which I’m kind of lazy with and usually follow through with only at bedtime. Will work on this more because I want the best results, but so far I would encourage that you at least try it. If it’s doing work on my problematic, allergenic skin, just imagine what it can do for yours.


3) Homemade Febreeze.

I ADORE Febreeze. Who doesn’t love a pleasant smelling house?! Candles are a hazard to light with the baby cruising around the house all day, and it’s so much easier to just swish a few sprays and get on with your day. What don’t I love? That Febreeze is about five bucks a bottle. And a bottle lasts 3 weeks-ish. Probably less, if we’re being honest here. My single mama budget isn’t what anyone would call great, so anything I can do to save money is something that I will look into.

And so enters HOMEMADE FEBREEZE. Smells great, gets the job done, Cheap! And only three ingredients – Baking Soda, Fabric Softener, and Water.

It’s soo simple to make. Take your empty Febreeze bottle, or any full sized spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle with piping water, and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Swish it around together to dilute the solution. Take about a ¼ cup of Fabric softenener. (I use Downy April Fresh scent.) and add it to the spray bottle mixture. Shake well, and go spray down every room in your home! I probably won’t buy real Febreeze again since this works so well, and the scent seems to last longer than using regular Febreeze. I’m definitely on the homemade bandwagon.


What’s your favorite remedy that you’ve discovered on Pinterest?


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