Snowed In.

Well there you have it, folks, we had our first hardcore snowfall of the year today. It’s been snowing off and on of course for a few months, but this was the first really substantial amount we have gotten all at once. If you notice the photo, this was taken outside my front door about an hour after it first started… that was hours ago, and it’s still going strong.  Now it’s not even close to as much snow as the East coast has gotten these past few days, and let’s face it, we’re used to it. Nobody bats an eye when it snows. So I spent the day hanging out with munchkin, kicking back and cleaning some areas of my house (storage cabinets) that probably haven’t been looked through in a very longgg time.



The rest of the afternoon was spent being entertained by my daughter. She’s getting such a personality now!! Instead of me having to keep her entertained, it’s the other way around. Little love makes me laugh every day. It’s so cool to see her finally interacting with all her things. And chasing the cat around. Clapping and smiling every time I walk into a room. “Talking” in her sweet little babble that I cant understand, but she does it all day. When she sees something she knows she can’t have, and she knows I see her too, and she speed-crawls as fast as she can to try and get it before I get to it. I just love her SO much. Nothing on planet Earth could be better than the fact that this precious little girl is MINE. ❤ I can’t tell her enough times a day how much I love her.


On a little more morose note, I managed to get a little sad by “The Rugrats” movie. I know, what?! It was on a part where little Chuckie was crying about how he wanted a mother (In all my years of watching that show as a youngster I guess it never dawned on me that he didn’t have one.) and I teared up a bit watching that, because I know that my daughter will never have her father like that, either. I mean sure it’s definitely not the same as a mother, because nobody will ever be like I am to her, but let’s face it, daddy’s are sort of important, too. Anyways, I guess this is a point that even though I’ve always been on my own with her, it never really gets easier knowing that someday she will probably be upset about her father (or lack thereof..)


Anywayssss; let’s try and lighten up the mood again, shall we? I did a bit of cooking today. This, in fact.

Just your basic Chicken Stir Fry. Seasoned the chicken with mesquite & actually didn’t have any kind of stir-fry sauce, since I realized I was out of both soy sauce and teriyaki, mid-blizzard. So I just roasted the veggies up in a little extra olive oil, but the end result was sensational. Any time I can add more veggies into my meal, the better! Espessially asparagus, I have a serious love affair with asparagus these days. Literally even eaten a few sticks as a snack!I made a batch of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, as well. And those got the best kind of feedback, from my mother. Back Story: She’s never liked my baking and has always refused it. Today she scarfed down 3 cookies, and then told me that they were by far the best cookies I have ever made. Success! 🙂 Happy to say that my goal to eat cleaner is working more than it’s not working. Another thing I’m pretty stoked about? I BOUGHT The Mega Ninja Blender! I’m excited to finally try out those Green Smoothies that you all post about every day.

And leading on with more little goals, I have set up a quit plan ( to give a serious stab at quitting smoking. I need to stay alive until I’m old and wrinkled and Golden Girlish, for my daughter. I know two people that have throat related smoking cancer. One is MY AGE. I’m in my mid 20s. SO scary.  Prayers for both of them that they make a fast and full recovery.  My quit day is Thursday. aka Valentine’s Day. It’s safe to say I’ve had one memorably good Vday in my lifetime.. so, I figured why not quit smoking and make every year on that day into a day I’ll appreciate? Wish me luck!!

Also, I’ve FOUND A GYM THAT HAS DAYCARE. Only 4 hours a day, but hey, it’s the only gym with childcare in a 100 mi radius from my home. I’ll take it, it’s right up the street! 😀

And with that, and a little online shopping (heyyyy, new curtains!, and a playhouse for baby) I bid you adeu. Til’ next time. Stay warm!








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