Another Scattered Post.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day.

Not that we’re really celebrating, of course. I may set BabyGirl up with some red+pink finger painting when she wakes up from her nap, but that’s really the extent of it. I wish we could do more, but we’re seriously limited with no car. 😦 Don’t even get me started on how badly THAT sucks.

But, on a good note, I got something for Valentine’s Day that surpasses roses and candy any day, a solid hour of awake cuddle time with my little girl! This literally only happens when she’s super sleepy, and never does she stay awake. But she snuggled with mommy for almost an hour today, awake and content. I think she kind of new that Mama was a sad panda a little bit today. I love my baby SO MUCH! ❤

And, just to blog for the sake of blogging, we’ll do a little work from home recap.

I’m almost three weeks in now, and still anticipating that first check. Which let’s face it, won’t be much, since half of it was paid training. When I started this gig, I definitely didn’t on plan on having to find sitters for my daughter for the two weeks of training, but that’s how it played out..

I still enjoy it, but I’ll enjoy it much more on my hours and my terms! Right now we’re on the last leg of the training, so I ended up choosing the first possible morning slot every day, which is 8 am. Not only is that way too early, but hardly anybody calls this early in the morning, and when we do catch someone at that time, their understandably irritable. Personally I would never answer the phone for a strange number before 11 am, but I also don’t answer numbers I don’t know, ever, anyways. The reason I chose the first 8am time slot though is because that’s the only time I have someone to watch my daughter while I’m working, is early mornings. Can’t wait for this training to be done so I can set my own schedules, and definitely start reaching people at a more appropriate time.

On another random side note – I submitted a story about an ex (an old ex, think almost 5 years ago.) to that forum “I Dated that Douche” on Facebook. It won Douche of the Day! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 😀  I’d post it here, but it contains some really colorful language, and I try to keep this PG-13 at best. Feel free to look it up though, he’s categorized under “Cheap-Ass Douche.” I’m sure you see where this is going.


Have a lovely day! Even if your not married, you can always celebrate with your little loves, or even with anyone that you love and care about. xx, from my family to yours.


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