Sunday Funday.


Proof that the family cat is finally coming around. 🙂


I love Sundays. They are generally my favorite day of the week and always have been. I think Football Sundays play a big part in that, too, but it’s so long til next season for that! (Come on Vikings, let’s make 2013 our year. hehe.)

Anyways, we started off our Sunday morning in typical fashion, with a big ole’ breakfast. Sunday breakfasts are also a favorite. Every week the menu is the same, the classic favorite Bacon, Eggs, and Muffin/Biscuit/whatever you may have it. Nothing like starting the day off right with some Turkey Bacon.

Follow that up with some playtime with Baby, and then move on to a scheduled nap that went successfully and you have a happy Mama, cheerfully sipping her coffee while writing this blog post.

Today’s events should continue to be above-par. It’s one of my best friends’ daughters birthday party’s today. Fun fact: Our little girls are THREE weeks apart! We thought that was going to be the coolest thing ever, having our girls so close in age, as we’ve grown up together as well.

Also on the agenda?  a Haircut! Finally!


My hair has looked exactly the same for the better part of almost a decade now — long, straight and brunette. I need a change. I simply don’t have the time I used to dedicate to doing my hair daily, and it is usually just thrown up in a bun at the top of my head. After a few hours of combing Pinterest for “the perfect, medium-length hairstyle”, I landed upon this.



lovelovelovelovelovelove. So this is the intended end result! Wish me luck 🙂 I’m actually (finally) going to a new, different stylist, as my lifelong hairdresser has literally never gotten it right. She’s family, so I kept going back, but let’s face it, I want a change and I want someone to actually do what I request them to do. For once. I’m paying for services so … let’s hope this experience goes well. 😀


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