Hello, hello!

When I opened a new document in Office to key out this blog post, it send me another friendly little reminder that my subscription runs out in about a week. (Trial subscription for new computers..) I’m not really trying to shell out $180 for a system that I’ve used for the past.. fifteen years? Or So. Does anyone have any idea of how I can get a copy of Office free? Or at the very least for a reasonable price? I’m against pirating anything, so that is not an option. If you know of any systems that are very similar and cheaper/free, pleaseeeee let me know!.


Anyways, hi y’all. Greetings from another snow day. Our neighborhood plow truck is currently right outside our home, and will probably wake up my child at any given moment. After she’s been out maybe 10 minutes. Timing :/

This definitely makes me happy that I chose to schedule my hours for work in the evenings, after my daughter has gone to sleep for the night. It’s just easier that way, and I log in and work whenever possible during the day as well. Speaking of work, I am OFFICIALLY cerified. J which = no more training. Thank goodness! Obviously I needed it to learn everything for my line of work, but the hours for the past three weeks have been far less than ideal. I am an hour behind everyone else on the good ole Eastern time zone, so that meant an even earlier start for me. Days definitely FLEW by faster though… wake up around 730, tend to baby. Settle baby in with a sitter (Do you know how difficult it was to arrange a sitter for her EVERY weekday morning for three weeks? Rough!), then log in by 745, and work until about 10.  Finish training for the day, send the sitter home, by then it’s almost baby naptime,  get that taken care of, FINALLY get ready for the day around noon (!! eek.) Get baby up. Accomplish the days tasks. Try to make it back home by five to prepare and have dinner ready by 6. Eat, give baby her bath, play, get her to sleep by seven. Log in by seven for work, work until ten… Pass out the moment my head hits the pillow, wake up 1-2x per night to tend to baby (who at almost a year old still has never fully slept through the night..), wake up around 730am… Restart the day.


I’m sure I speak for every mother out there when I say that there just is never enough hours in the day.


Another fun fact? I’ve joked here in there in my singleness that instead of wasting more time with undesirables around here, that I would join Eharmony. Because we’ve all heard the horror stories from the free sites.. So I figured hey, what the heck? I surely don’t want to be single for the rest of my life, and if I am going to put any effort into it, I may as well go all out and look for QUALITY. So, I signed up. Oodles of e-mails poured through. Can’t say that wasn’t lovely for the ego. One guy, in particular, struck my interest and I decided to respond to his e-mail. Since then, we’ve been talking for about a month. Started with EHarmony mail, moved on to our own e-mail, then text, then Skype. I must say, so far so good.. 

And that damn plow truck woke up my kid. :/ Again. Stellar 15 minute nap.


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