Those Crazy Mother Runners!


Has it really been a week since my last post? Goodness. Mark a few points down on my NYR list for laziness on that part. Really, you haven’t been missing much over here on this end, so that also contributed to the lack of blog posts. I did get work certified, so goodbye training! Here’s to hopefully finding enough extra hours in the day to make some decent money. I scheduled my mandatory hours in the evenings, after my daughter’s bedtime. My mother even offered to come over and put her to bed for me for a while so I can make sure to get all my hours logged. At least there’s that. 🙂 I know I whine sometimes about not having any help, but when people do help out I really appreciate it. More than ya’ll know.

So I’m watching that Hotwire commercial, or whatever the hell it is for travel tickets. It shows a lady, in running gear, talking about how she’s been saving all year to go run this race in Wherever, but her friend is getting married in LA, can’t afford both, blah blah blah.. and then it dawned on me.. you mother runners really are hardcore.


Just the logistics of it even are mindblowing. And keep in mind, this is all coming from an in-awe point of view. I even have “wannabe runner” or something equally ridiculous in my Twitter bio, maybe even on this blog bio. Who knows? Mommy brain ;). Anyways, back to you folks and this phenomenon you call running.

First off, ya’ll train. And you train HARD. You certainly don’t mess around, and I suppose if your going to commit, go all the way. It’s still very intimidating though, as a “yogger” (que the Anchorman reference) who dreams of someday running a marathon. And then I read blogs, of avid runners, who are training for races and they even have training plans. Yes, that’s right. They practice. To run.

On some of these said plans?

Warm up with an easy mile. Find a set of bleachers or a large hill. Run up it as fast as you possibly can. Jog down. Repeat this 7x. Cool down with another mile.

Ok, first and foremost, holy *#*(&. Warm up with an easy mile?! Hahaha. I’d run a mile and call it a day! The following after that is just ridiculous. I think I rolled my eyes a little when I got to Repeat Seven Times. (What?!) and I was thoroughly dead by “Cool down with another mile.” Cool down? Cool down after that Dante’s Peak of bleacher runs by running another mile?! Oh my goodness. I’d cool down with, say, a shower. Or a Strawberry Margarita. Surely not another mile would be the first thought that comes to my mind.  And ya’ll do this kind of training every day. For a few weeks leading up to this marathon.

And then you pay all this money. You buy new gear (not cheap. Hi, Lululemon.), buy your plane tickets, pre-pay for your hotel, and pay to race. That’s right, you just spent quite a bit of cash to run. Where you could be running, anywhere. Free. Insanity.

Yet I still aspire to run. Marathons, Mud Runs, 5ks… I’d love to be able to say hey, I’m blowing a chunk of cash so I can go run. Because, I can.


How did you feel after running your first real race/marathon? What was your training plan (if any) to prepare for race day?


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