Free Time.

Why hello there! This just may be the earliest in the day I have ever gotten around to my blog. These early mornings are finally starting to coexist with the fact that I love sleep, and I’m getting more and more done. Like right now? Noon thirty. Baby’s been peacefully sleeping almost an hour. I completed all callbacks for work, and spent about a half an hour logged in. All housework that needs doing will wake up baby (re: dishes, vacuuming.) so I find myself … bored. Really?! What? I haven’t even had time to be bored since… probably the day I had my baby. hehe. This is a nice change. 🙂

On the agenda for the rest of the day? Hounding down the mailman. Yes, you can tell it’s tax season! And I have big plans to hit the store, assuming my mail arrives today. Another fun fact of the day? A good friend of mine just got a new purse, the long strap crossbody style. I oo’ed and ahh’ed about it because it’s certainly the cutest of that style that I have seen, and believe me I’ve looked! So imagine my excited surprise when I get a text earlier saying she got me the exact same bag, only in yellow. SCORE! I loveeee purse shopping. And have easily spent hours in the bag section of TJ Maxx. I could literally spend an afternoon just in that department alone, staring and comparing before I finally choose just one. Purses used to be my main vice (like most women are with, say, shoes). and I’d get a new one probably monthly. Sometimes even sooner. But, as a single mother, ever since my baby came I just cannot justify blowing money commonly like that on something as material as a new purse. I’ve been lugging around the same one since the end of last summer! So that makes this surprise new purse all the more awesome. 🙂

My daughter G’s first birthday is coming up in less than two weeks! Has it really been that long already?! WHERE does the time go? I know, everyone says that. But it’s true. I found a size one diaper stashed in a cabinet a few days ago and literally teared up because she was sooo small. and it doesn’t seem like almost a year ago. Time flies when your with the ones you love.

But back to the first birthday party planning. For starters, I have a rather small apartment. Definitely too small to hold the 15-20 people that are expected to show up for G’s party. So I’m just planning a 1-3 midday event, where you can show up whenever you’d like. Grab some cake, make a plate of food, say Happy Birthday to my perfect little sweetheart, ect. I’m not sure about the spread of food we’ll be having.. I’m thinking probably a huge vat of Taco Salad.. some chips, cheese and crackers, a fruit plate, and maybe a crockpot full of Lil’ Smokies. Is that too little? What did ya’ll serve as food for your children’s birthday? I’m not even sure if I want to order or make the cake. Maybe order the large cake and handmake her little smash cake? Or just have the bakery make me a miniature cake to go along with it? I’m guessing it’s both healthier AND cheaper to make our own, though.

And then there’s decorations. G favors Elmo, the most. I’ll probably try and go with an Elmo theme. If not, maybe a Princess theme as a second option. I should of started this planning long ago.. eek. 

Blogger friends with children close to G’s age, I’ll be trolling your past posts searching for ideas on what ya’ll did regarding birthday parties at your home. Or, take the tried and true route and just cruise Pinterest for ideas. those little cake pop sticks? Look delish!

Almost 1 pm and Munchkin is still sleeping peacefully… might as well take advantage of this free time and get back to logging some hours in at work.


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