I’ve been wanting to participate in this blog phenomenanon for awhile now, so here we have it,  my first What I Ate Wednesday:



I just pulled this image off google, but whatever it’s legit. Pizza Lunchables were my favorite while pregnant & I probably still eat one once a month. Usually while putting groceries away.

I thought I’d take a shot at healthier eating for lunch and made some Roasted Butternut Squash Raviolis.


The verdict?  Gag.  Squash, while very healthy, isn’t too tasty as anything. Didnt even try to finish this small dish. Fail.

A small tupperware circle of Gardettos and Wheat Thins.



After the dissapointing lunch, I wanted a dinner that would make up for it. Seasoned Chicken, roasted veggies & potato slices. Mmmm!


I actually was so into this that I didn’t remember to take a photo until closer to the end of the meal.

Do I think this post will get me a linkup on a Clean Eats blog? Not even close. But,  for me, it’s proof that I’m at least trying to eat better! 😉

What did you eat for WIAW? What did your little ones eat?  Would you be interested in a Munchkin Meals Post on this blog?


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