Hello again!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Baby Girl (my big one year old! ❤) has still been feeling under the weather. She actually had a doctor’s appointment today, which ruled out that anything else is wrong besides a lagging cold. (thank God!). We then hit the parking garage after the doctors to leave, and were surprised by a dead battery… when we were in there literally twenty  minutes, maybe.  So we spent about an hour and a half walking the skywalks (well, me, walking, while carrying Baby.) until it was up and running again. I cannot WAIT to go apply for a new vehicle. I’m probably more overdue for one than ANYONE else I know.. and that’s not bragging.

Other than that, I had a dentist appointment yesterday.. Don’t you hate those? But it is nice to get them over with and contribute to the health of your teeth & gums. The day before that was my Munchkin’s birthday, and birthday party! Which went along successfully. Although, she cried when we sang “Happy Birthday!”. She didn’t dig a group of people crowded around her high chair randomly singing. And girlie-pie got some cuteeee clothes! She will be one stylin’ baby this summer. 😀

Let’s recap my work situation, shall we? I’ve been working for a telecommuting company through my home, and I unfortunately have to report that it is no longer. Not that anything is wrong with this company, it just wasn’t a good fit for my family and I right now at this point in my life. When I got hired, I specifically stated that I needed a job that I could do during the day, since I have a baby by myself and I don’t believe in putting children so young in daycare. The company seemed to understand this, but after training they throw at me that “They cannot ever hear my child.” Um, right. She’s one. She’s loud. She’s a child. Of course you’re going to hear her. Which led to me only being able to work at night, after she went to sleep. But with this hellish cold + daylight savings, her 7pm solid bedtime has been pushed up closer to 8 these days. Which cuts an hour off my schedule, which in turn gets me angry e-mails very early in the morning.. So after much debate & consideration, I’ve decided to cut ties and leave that position open for them to hire someone who can contribute a ton of time to the job. Unlike me and my measly few hours a night.

Luckily, I have a fall back plan. One that was just put into fruition probably two days before I decided to end current job.  I will be nannying for a 10 & 7 year old, Tuesday through Friday, beginning April until September. Hello, job where I can still have my daughter 24/7 and make money. I’ve also been furiously applying to other work-at-home gigs, only this time specifying (in the resume, cover letter, application, etc) that I WILL have a one year old with me at all times, and if I can’t work around her then I can’t work for you. Plain and simple.

And, that’s our lives right now. + replaying that Volbeat (something about waiting?) song on repeat. 


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