The Great Debate about Shots & Our Children..

As the Great Lita Ford would say “Let’s get back to the cave.” In this instance, Let’s get back to the blog! 😀 this is becoming more of an updated-weekly deal, as opposed to a daily thing. I’ve always been a bit peeved by bloggers who promote themselves as a Daily read, when in reality it is not. Anywho, this last week was busy busy. Filled with appointments, a sick baby (who thank the Lord appears much better now!), my dad’s birthday, and getting some bills paid. Remember how I said I parted ways with my job? Well, after a few days of them asking for me back (and also hearing NOTHING back on anything else I applied to.. meh), we worked something out about a schedule change that is geared more towards my kid’s sleeping schedule and me not having to frantically beg my mom or someone else to put her to sleep for me so I can log into work on time. Fingers crossed that this difference makes ALL the difference. 😀 I do appreciate the fact that I still have a job, and that the Company that I work for is willing to work with me on getting the hours that I need on the time that I actually HAVE. If you are looking for work at home employment, I couldn’t recommend the Company that I work for more for anyone who is also just getting their feet wet in the WAHM industry.

Is it just me, or anytime I log into Facebook or Twitter lately it’s a war of the moms?

It seems that EVERY thing is an issue nowdays in the parenting world. In the day and age of the “Attachment Parent” vs. say… the parents who have a Nanny around more than they are around. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my generation is about very clearly trying to be the best parents we can be. (For the most part.. there’s always a few exceptions to this rule with some people that you hear in the news, but for right now that is neither here nor there..)


We’re the co-sleeping, breastfeeding, babywearing, making your own baby food,  parents.

All of those topics are considered hotspots among any parents. Some think it’s great. Some don’t recommend any of these things (?!). I, personally, have dabbled in all of these areas, and by most people’s perspective I would be classified as an “Attachment Parent.”  (But hello, breastfeeding is BEST for your baby, CoSleeping promotes a better bond and you can keep an eye out for SIDS at night while they sleep, you know EXACTLY what is going into your babies’ purees if you are making them up yourself, and baby-wearing. Let’s just say as a single mother,  trying to get ANYTHING done housework-wise while my daughter was in her newborn month stages,  those baby carriers were wonderful! I had three, I believe. They were also excellent for when we’re out and about, ever tried carrying your kid, the diaper bag, your purse, and whatever else you had with at the time? Not ideal. Baby wearing,! ❤  The only thing we didn’t do is the cloth-diapering. I’m all for saving the planet/landfills/environment, but diapers are more convienent, cheaper, and when I have to make trips to the Laundromat, cloth diapers were not even an option..


But what happens when the issues that Mommies debate on takes a more serious twist? In this case, Vaccines. EVERYBODY has a stance on this topic. I personally have my one year old up to date on all her required vaccines. If anything in the future is “optional”, we’re opting out.  And even that, these days, is scary. You hear so much feedback on how you should not vaccinate at ALL, then we have *our* own parents, who say that us and them all received everything and we’re still standing to tell the tale.

..Then you go on facebook, and read submissions (re:HORROR STORIES) from people who have had some sort of complications due to receiving a vaccine. Then you read even scarier stories… I stumbled across one awhile ago about a couple who refused to give their newborn any vaccinations when they were born, and the infant was removed from their care! WHAT?! It’s just scary. You don’t know who to listen to, and you just try to go with your gut on what vaccines are necessary, and which aren’t. I know I want to do anything & everything possible to protect my daughter and prevent anything that could happen to her in the future,  but I’m also not comfortable with these new vaccines that just came out in the last 5 or so years. The HPV vaccine is a heavy topic on the forums these days, and all I can do is thank God that my daughter is still so young that we wont have to worry about that particular vaccine until another decade plus.

Every time my daughter has gotten her “general” shots (the ones that all babies get for their first year) she hasn’t felt well for a couple of days after the shot. EVERY TIME. :/ That raises the bar on the sketch factor of this as well. Also at our last appointment a few days ago, our Doctor said he wasn’t going to give my daughter her next set of (required 1 yr shots) that day because she was already running a small fever due to having a cold. So we bypassed shots, for now. But it got me thinking, how he didn’t want to give her the shots because it would aggravate the mild fever she was already running.. That simply doesn’t sound good by any means. And the fact that it makes her sick every time is heartbreaking. But, Mommy had to get shots. Grandma had to get shots. Auntie had to get shots. Even the book that I read to my daughter the morning of her going to the doctors “Courderoy goes to the Doctor” detailed Little Courderoy getting a shot. It’s something that has been going on for everyone in America for, ever. It’s alarming the number of people who now feel otherwise, and frequently post about it. I even had a few people BASHING me when I updated my Facebook status regarding getting my daughter’s newborn shots. But ultimately I feel that our pediatrician is a hell of a lot more educated on medicine and vaccines than I am, and that trusting his judgement is the smarter way to go than trusting the opinions of angry people on the Internet.


Do you give your child EVERY vaccination that your doctor recommends? Or only the required? How do you feel about the fact that an overwhelming number of parents feel that we shouldn’t vaccinate our kids at all, ever? Leave your thoughts..


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