Checking in. 😉 

Hi guys! It’s probably been another week-ish. Sorry! We’ve been busy busy here lately. My beautiful little girl has seem to have grown overnight. Literally. A clothing size, a diaper size, (size 4!), and yesterday, right before my very eyes, she pulled herself up for the first time ever, without any prompting, as if it were the most natural thing. 😀 PROUD MOMMY! And she did it right in front of Grandma as well. Baby Girl will be walking before we know it. Another fun fact? She says her little nicknames now! In fact, she woke up at 2 am the other night, screamed her nickname, and fell right back asleep immediately. I cracked up! She’s such a little character. It’s really setting in now that she’s walking that fine line between baby and toddler. If I get totally real with you, she’s a toddler. But she’s my baby. For the rest of her life, even when she’s a mother herself, when she’s married and moved away, she will be my baby forever. ❤ Best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life is have her, hands down.

Anyways, besides the same ol’ routine of raising G, errands, and work, we’ve been busier than normal here lately with company. My best friend texted me last Thursday, saying the pipes in her house burst and she needed to shower here. Not a prob, girl, come on over. Which somehow ultimately lead to her and her daughter (almost 3) staying here for a few weeks until her house gets fixed. G loves playing with her little girl, and of course I would let them stay. My friend also works insanity hours, think 16 hour shifts(!) so I’ve had both little munchkins the past couple of days. In fact today is the first day that it’s just me and G, and it’s such a wake up call as to how well behaved G is and how well I have it with her! Or maybe it’s just the fact that 2 kids in general by yourself would just be borderline insane. But I thought I was tired most days just with my kid, nope, our days are a cakewalk compared to double trouble over here. Note to self:  Remember this next teething day. 😉 

Well, I’ve got a full day ahead of me, with clearing out the storage in the guest bedroom for our company, putting away the 6 loads of laundry I pumped out at the laundromat yesterday (fingers crossed that I get this washer and dryer on my bday wishlist!) & then work. My birthday is this Saturday, still mid 20s. Not late, not early. I’m going out with the girls for some drinks for the first time in a few months. Looking forward to it! I generally don’t get a “break” from responsibilities and parenting  very often at all so when I do it is well needed and MUCH anticipated. 


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