Free Time.

Why hello there! This just may be the earliest in the day I have ever gotten around to my blog. These early mornings are finally starting to coexist with the fact that I love sleep, and I’m getting more and more done. Like right now? Noon thirty. Baby’s been peacefully sleeping almost an hour. I completed all callbacks for work, and spent about a half an hour logged in. All housework that needs doing will wake up baby (re: dishes, vacuuming.) so I find myself … bored. Really?! What? I haven’t even had time to be bored since… probably the day I had my baby. hehe. This is a nice change. 🙂

On the agenda for the rest of the day? Hounding down the mailman. Yes, you can tell it’s tax season! And I have big plans to hit the store, assuming my mail arrives today. Another fun fact of the day? A good friend of mine just got a new purse, the long strap crossbody style. I oo’ed and ahh’ed about it because it’s certainly the cutest of that style that I have seen, and believe me I’ve looked! So imagine my excited surprise when I get a text earlier saying she got me the exact same bag, only in yellow. SCORE! I loveeee purse shopping. And have easily spent hours in the bag section of TJ Maxx. I could literally spend an afternoon just in that department alone, staring and comparing before I finally choose just one. Purses used to be my main vice (like most women are with, say, shoes). and I’d get a new one probably monthly. Sometimes even sooner. But, as a single mother, ever since my baby came I just cannot justify blowing money commonly like that on something as material as a new purse. I’ve been lugging around the same one since the end of last summer! So that makes this surprise new purse all the more awesome. 🙂

My daughter G’s first birthday is coming up in less than two weeks! Has it really been that long already?! WHERE does the time go? I know, everyone says that. But it’s true. I found a size one diaper stashed in a cabinet a few days ago and literally teared up because she was sooo small. and it doesn’t seem like almost a year ago. Time flies when your with the ones you love.

But back to the first birthday party planning. For starters, I have a rather small apartment. Definitely too small to hold the 15-20 people that are expected to show up for G’s party. So I’m just planning a 1-3 midday event, where you can show up whenever you’d like. Grab some cake, make a plate of food, say Happy Birthday to my perfect little sweetheart, ect. I’m not sure about the spread of food we’ll be having.. I’m thinking probably a huge vat of Taco Salad.. some chips, cheese and crackers, a fruit plate, and maybe a crockpot full of Lil’ Smokies. Is that too little? What did ya’ll serve as food for your children’s birthday? I’m not even sure if I want to order or make the cake. Maybe order the large cake and handmake her little smash cake? Or just have the bakery make me a miniature cake to go along with it? I’m guessing it’s both healthier AND cheaper to make our own, though.

And then there’s decorations. G favors Elmo, the most. I’ll probably try and go with an Elmo theme. If not, maybe a Princess theme as a second option. I should of started this planning long ago.. eek. 

Blogger friends with children close to G’s age, I’ll be trolling your past posts searching for ideas on what ya’ll did regarding birthday parties at your home. Or, take the tried and true route and just cruise Pinterest for ideas. those little cake pop sticks? Look delish!

Almost 1 pm and Munchkin is still sleeping peacefully… might as well take advantage of this free time and get back to logging some hours in at work.


The Hills are Alive.. With the Sound of my FIXED CAR!

F I N A L L Y.

After what seems like the longest wait in the history of time, my vehicle is mobile again. Biggest Shoutout on earth to my best friend, who busted his butt to fix everything, and was out there, in the dark, repairing my car, until 10pm. If that isn’t a shining example of friendship, I don’t know what is. Thank you, Jason! 🙂

And we’re off! The Mall? the Library? the Aquarium? who knows?! All that matters is we can go! G & I can head out at any given time, without calling a cab or begging for rides. It’s like Christmas. 😀

Those Crazy Mother Runners!


Has it really been a week since my last post? Goodness. Mark a few points down on my NYR list for laziness on that part. Really, you haven’t been missing much over here on this end, so that also contributed to the lack of blog posts. I did get work certified, so goodbye training! Here’s to hopefully finding enough extra hours in the day to make some decent money. I scheduled my mandatory hours in the evenings, after my daughter’s bedtime. My mother even offered to come over and put her to bed for me for a while so I can make sure to get all my hours logged. At least there’s that. 🙂 I know I whine sometimes about not having any help, but when people do help out I really appreciate it. More than ya’ll know.

So I’m watching that Hotwire commercial, or whatever the hell it is for travel tickets. It shows a lady, in running gear, talking about how she’s been saving all year to go run this race in Wherever, but her friend is getting married in LA, can’t afford both, blah blah blah.. and then it dawned on me.. you mother runners really are hardcore.


Just the logistics of it even are mindblowing. And keep in mind, this is all coming from an in-awe point of view. I even have “wannabe runner” or something equally ridiculous in my Twitter bio, maybe even on this blog bio. Who knows? Mommy brain ;). Anyways, back to you folks and this phenomenon you call running.

First off, ya’ll train. And you train HARD. You certainly don’t mess around, and I suppose if your going to commit, go all the way. It’s still very intimidating though, as a “yogger” (que the Anchorman reference) who dreams of someday running a marathon. And then I read blogs, of avid runners, who are training for races and they even have training plans. Yes, that’s right. They practice. To run.

On some of these said plans?

Warm up with an easy mile. Find a set of bleachers or a large hill. Run up it as fast as you possibly can. Jog down. Repeat this 7x. Cool down with another mile.

Ok, first and foremost, holy *#*(&. Warm up with an easy mile?! Hahaha. I’d run a mile and call it a day! The following after that is just ridiculous. I think I rolled my eyes a little when I got to Repeat Seven Times. (What?!) and I was thoroughly dead by “Cool down with another mile.” Cool down? Cool down after that Dante’s Peak of bleacher runs by running another mile?! Oh my goodness. I’d cool down with, say, a shower. Or a Strawberry Margarita. Surely not another mile would be the first thought that comes to my mind.  And ya’ll do this kind of training every day. For a few weeks leading up to this marathon.

And then you pay all this money. You buy new gear (not cheap. Hi, Lululemon.), buy your plane tickets, pre-pay for your hotel, and pay to race. That’s right, you just spent quite a bit of cash to run. Where you could be running, anywhere. Free. Insanity.

Yet I still aspire to run. Marathons, Mud Runs, 5ks… I’d love to be able to say hey, I’m blowing a chunk of cash so I can go run. Because, I can.


How did you feel after running your first real race/marathon? What was your training plan (if any) to prepare for race day?

Hello, hello!

When I opened a new document in Office to key out this blog post, it send me another friendly little reminder that my subscription runs out in about a week. (Trial subscription for new computers..) I’m not really trying to shell out $180 for a system that I’ve used for the past.. fifteen years? Or So. Does anyone have any idea of how I can get a copy of Office free? Or at the very least for a reasonable price? I’m against pirating anything, so that is not an option. If you know of any systems that are very similar and cheaper/free, pleaseeeee let me know!.


Anyways, hi y’all. Greetings from another snow day. Our neighborhood plow truck is currently right outside our home, and will probably wake up my child at any given moment. After she’s been out maybe 10 minutes. Timing :/

This definitely makes me happy that I chose to schedule my hours for work in the evenings, after my daughter has gone to sleep for the night. It’s just easier that way, and I log in and work whenever possible during the day as well. Speaking of work, I am OFFICIALLY cerified. J which = no more training. Thank goodness! Obviously I needed it to learn everything for my line of work, but the hours for the past three weeks have been far less than ideal. I am an hour behind everyone else on the good ole Eastern time zone, so that meant an even earlier start for me. Days definitely FLEW by faster though… wake up around 730, tend to baby. Settle baby in with a sitter (Do you know how difficult it was to arrange a sitter for her EVERY weekday morning for three weeks? Rough!), then log in by 745, and work until about 10.  Finish training for the day, send the sitter home, by then it’s almost baby naptime,  get that taken care of, FINALLY get ready for the day around noon (!! eek.) Get baby up. Accomplish the days tasks. Try to make it back home by five to prepare and have dinner ready by 6. Eat, give baby her bath, play, get her to sleep by seven. Log in by seven for work, work until ten… Pass out the moment my head hits the pillow, wake up 1-2x per night to tend to baby (who at almost a year old still has never fully slept through the night..), wake up around 730am… Restart the day.


I’m sure I speak for every mother out there when I say that there just is never enough hours in the day.


Another fun fact? I’ve joked here in there in my singleness that instead of wasting more time with undesirables around here, that I would join Eharmony. Because we’ve all heard the horror stories from the free sites.. So I figured hey, what the heck? I surely don’t want to be single for the rest of my life, and if I am going to put any effort into it, I may as well go all out and look for QUALITY. So, I signed up. Oodles of e-mails poured through. Can’t say that wasn’t lovely for the ego. One guy, in particular, struck my interest and I decided to respond to his e-mail. Since then, we’ve been talking for about a month. Started with EHarmony mail, moved on to our own e-mail, then text, then Skype. I must say, so far so good.. 

And that damn plow truck woke up my kid. :/ Again. Stellar 15 minute nap.

Sunday Funday.


Proof that the family cat is finally coming around. 🙂


I love Sundays. They are generally my favorite day of the week and always have been. I think Football Sundays play a big part in that, too, but it’s so long til next season for that! (Come on Vikings, let’s make 2013 our year. hehe.)

Anyways, we started off our Sunday morning in typical fashion, with a big ole’ breakfast. Sunday breakfasts are also a favorite. Every week the menu is the same, the classic favorite Bacon, Eggs, and Muffin/Biscuit/whatever you may have it. Nothing like starting the day off right with some Turkey Bacon.

Follow that up with some playtime with Baby, and then move on to a scheduled nap that went successfully and you have a happy Mama, cheerfully sipping her coffee while writing this blog post.

Today’s events should continue to be above-par. It’s one of my best friends’ daughters birthday party’s today. Fun fact: Our little girls are THREE weeks apart! We thought that was going to be the coolest thing ever, having our girls so close in age, as we’ve grown up together as well.

Also on the agenda?  a Haircut! Finally!


My hair has looked exactly the same for the better part of almost a decade now — long, straight and brunette. I need a change. I simply don’t have the time I used to dedicate to doing my hair daily, and it is usually just thrown up in a bun at the top of my head. After a few hours of combing Pinterest for “the perfect, medium-length hairstyle”, I landed upon this.



lovelovelovelovelovelove. So this is the intended end result! Wish me luck 🙂 I’m actually (finally) going to a new, different stylist, as my lifelong hairdresser has literally never gotten it right. She’s family, so I kept going back, but let’s face it, I want a change and I want someone to actually do what I request them to do. For once. I’m paying for services so … let’s hope this experience goes well. 😀

Another Scattered Post.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day.

Not that we’re really celebrating, of course. I may set BabyGirl up with some red+pink finger painting when she wakes up from her nap, but that’s really the extent of it. I wish we could do more, but we’re seriously limited with no car. 😦 Don’t even get me started on how badly THAT sucks.

But, on a good note, I got something for Valentine’s Day that surpasses roses and candy any day, a solid hour of awake cuddle time with my little girl! This literally only happens when she’s super sleepy, and never does she stay awake. But she snuggled with mommy for almost an hour today, awake and content. I think she kind of new that Mama was a sad panda a little bit today. I love my baby SO MUCH! ❤

And, just to blog for the sake of blogging, we’ll do a little work from home recap.

I’m almost three weeks in now, and still anticipating that first check. Which let’s face it, won’t be much, since half of it was paid training. When I started this gig, I definitely didn’t on plan on having to find sitters for my daughter for the two weeks of training, but that’s how it played out..

I still enjoy it, but I’ll enjoy it much more on my hours and my terms! Right now we’re on the last leg of the training, so I ended up choosing the first possible morning slot every day, which is 8 am. Not only is that way too early, but hardly anybody calls this early in the morning, and when we do catch someone at that time, their understandably irritable. Personally I would never answer the phone for a strange number before 11 am, but I also don’t answer numbers I don’t know, ever, anyways. The reason I chose the first 8am time slot though is because that’s the only time I have someone to watch my daughter while I’m working, is early mornings. Can’t wait for this training to be done so I can set my own schedules, and definitely start reaching people at a more appropriate time.

On another random side note – I submitted a story about an ex (an old ex, think almost 5 years ago.) to that forum “I Dated that Douche” on Facebook. It won Douche of the Day! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 😀  I’d post it here, but it contains some really colorful language, and I try to keep this PG-13 at best. Feel free to look it up though, he’s categorized under “Cheap-Ass Douche.” I’m sure you see where this is going.


Have a lovely day! Even if your not married, you can always celebrate with your little loves, or even with anyone that you love and care about. xx, from my family to yours.

Snowed In.

Well there you have it, folks, we had our first hardcore snowfall of the year today. It’s been snowing off and on of course for a few months, but this was the first really substantial amount we have gotten all at once. If you notice the photo, this was taken outside my front door about an hour after it first started… that was hours ago, and it’s still going strong.  Now it’s not even close to as much snow as the East coast has gotten these past few days, and let’s face it, we’re used to it. Nobody bats an eye when it snows. So I spent the day hanging out with munchkin, kicking back and cleaning some areas of my house (storage cabinets) that probably haven’t been looked through in a very longgg time.



The rest of the afternoon was spent being entertained by my daughter. She’s getting such a personality now!! Instead of me having to keep her entertained, it’s the other way around. Little love makes me laugh every day. It’s so cool to see her finally interacting with all her things. And chasing the cat around. Clapping and smiling every time I walk into a room. “Talking” in her sweet little babble that I cant understand, but she does it all day. When she sees something she knows she can’t have, and she knows I see her too, and she speed-crawls as fast as she can to try and get it before I get to it. I just love her SO much. Nothing on planet Earth could be better than the fact that this precious little girl is MINE. ❤ I can’t tell her enough times a day how much I love her.


On a little more morose note, I managed to get a little sad by “The Rugrats” movie. I know, what?! It was on a part where little Chuckie was crying about how he wanted a mother (In all my years of watching that show as a youngster I guess it never dawned on me that he didn’t have one.) and I teared up a bit watching that, because I know that my daughter will never have her father like that, either. I mean sure it’s definitely not the same as a mother, because nobody will ever be like I am to her, but let’s face it, daddy’s are sort of important, too. Anyways, I guess this is a point that even though I’ve always been on my own with her, it never really gets easier knowing that someday she will probably be upset about her father (or lack thereof..)


Anywayssss; let’s try and lighten up the mood again, shall we? I did a bit of cooking today. This, in fact.

Just your basic Chicken Stir Fry. Seasoned the chicken with mesquite & actually didn’t have any kind of stir-fry sauce, since I realized I was out of both soy sauce and teriyaki, mid-blizzard. So I just roasted the veggies up in a little extra olive oil, but the end result was sensational. Any time I can add more veggies into my meal, the better! Espessially asparagus, I have a serious love affair with asparagus these days. Literally even eaten a few sticks as a snack!I made a batch of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, as well. And those got the best kind of feedback, from my mother. Back Story: She’s never liked my baking and has always refused it. Today she scarfed down 3 cookies, and then told me that they were by far the best cookies I have ever made. Success! 🙂 Happy to say that my goal to eat cleaner is working more than it’s not working. Another thing I’m pretty stoked about? I BOUGHT The Mega Ninja Blender! I’m excited to finally try out those Green Smoothies that you all post about every day.

And leading on with more little goals, I have set up a quit plan ( to give a serious stab at quitting smoking. I need to stay alive until I’m old and wrinkled and Golden Girlish, for my daughter. I know two people that have throat related smoking cancer. One is MY AGE. I’m in my mid 20s. SO scary.  Prayers for both of them that they make a fast and full recovery.  My quit day is Thursday. aka Valentine’s Day. It’s safe to say I’ve had one memorably good Vday in my lifetime.. so, I figured why not quit smoking and make every year on that day into a day I’ll appreciate? Wish me luck!!

Also, I’ve FOUND A GYM THAT HAS DAYCARE. Only 4 hours a day, but hey, it’s the only gym with childcare in a 100 mi radius from my home. I’ll take it, it’s right up the street! 😀

And with that, and a little online shopping (heyyyy, new curtains!, and a playhouse for baby) I bid you adeu. Til’ next time. Stay warm!